5 Creative Kids Art Products You Need

5 creative kids art products you need. Art supplies for kids. If you are a parent in need of some ideas for art supplies gifts of fun crafts and organisation and storage for creative kids, here's a list of my personal recommendations

Children are naturally creative and I really want to encourage this with my own. O.K I’m an artist, and I’m biased but I’m just not into letting them vegetate in front of a screen for hours on end. I want too nurture a love of creativity from a young age. So here are my recommendations for 5 (+2 bonus ones) of the coolest art products that are available right now.

The doors to our airing cupboard were a shabby grey colour when we moved in to our house. Their main function was to hide the junk inside the airing cupboard. One of the best things we ever decided to do was paint them with chalkboard paint transforming an unused space in the hallway into an art canvas and message board that the whole family uses.


Of course if you’ve got a chalkboard you’ll need chalk too right? and these sidewalk chalks get a lot of use indoors and outdoors

Anyone who knows me , knows I’m a big fan of comic books, so this Lulu Jr My comic book making kit was a no-brainer.

Why stop at 2D when you can go full 3D with this 3 Doodler Start Essentials 3D Printing pen set for kids


And if the kids get stuck for ideas, they won’t be for long with the 3Doodler “What will you create?” project book


We’re big fans of wooden toys and this wooden stamp set is durable and functional and should provide hours of entertainment

Of course your kids will need somewhere to create and store all their masterpieces what could be better than this KidKraft Art Table with drying rack and storage.



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