Free Printable Papercraft Template: Wolfboy

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I  was thinking about ideas for a kids Halloween craft activity and for some reason a memory of a movie from my youth popped in to my head. Anyone remember Teen Wolf starring Michael J Fox? Anyway, one thing led to another and I came up with this werewolf boy/basketball player. The creative process can be random like that sometimes.

The kids found it funny, even though they’ve never seen the movie. They did tell me it looked a bit too much like a monkey though. Probably because of the long arms and they suggested I should add a tail as well.

I kept the long arms but I did add a tail.

Anyway if you want to have a go at making this, just download the free pdf files (link below).

For best results. Print the PDF files on to 160gsm – 200gsm card stock. Cut out the various sections with an Xacto knife or scalpel.

Tips. fold each section along the solid lines before applying any glue to the tabs. Take each section, one at a time and apply glue, either with a glue stick, or better still, use a small paintbrush and liquid pva glue.

After making the legs, splay out the tabs at the ends of each leg so that you can glue these onto the body and shoes.


The shoes can be a bit fiddly as the tabs are quite small. I glue the tabs at the top of each shoe outside  rather than inside.

Glue all the separate elements together leaving the arms and tail for last.

Download the free printable PDF file here

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