Free Printable Papercraft Robot

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My 5 year old loves robots, so I made this cool printable papercraft robot toy with him in mind.

For best results. Print the PDF files on to 160gsm – 200gsm card stock. Cut out the various sections with an Xacto knife or scalpel.

Tips. Fold each section along the solid lines. Lightly scoring along the lines with the Xacto knife will help you get a good fold before applying any glue to the tabs. Take each section, one at a time and apply glue, either with a glue stick, or better still, use a small paintbrush and liquid pva glue.

Cut out the holes as indicated by dotted lines in the head and body. This will give you access to the interior and help you when gluing these sections up. (See pic 2)

When making the hand sections. Curve the long strip first, by carefully pulling it between your thumbnail and forefinger before curving it round and gluing it down. (See pic 5)

The rectangular strips that make the fingers and arms are made by simply applying glue to the whole strip rolling them up and leaving the glue to dry.

Once dry you can glue each individual finger on to the hand section.

On the shoulders cut along the dotted lines before folding into shape. These pieces then glue onto the top of the body. I glued these on first before attaching the arms but gluing the whole arm and shoulder section up first would also work.

Lay out all the separate elements and glue together.

This robot will be a bit too fiddly for really young kids to make, so I’ve included a black and white version that younger kids can colour in and still be involved in the making process.

Download the free printable PDF file here

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